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                JIANHUA DUANVA



                If you always feel overwhelmed although you are ambitious? Are you boosting morale, but hard to find new directions? Have you accumulated rich resources, but have no idea know how to use?Most importantly, do you even begin to lose confidence and struggle because you can't break through this kind of restriction?In fact, you may have everything already, but only a few external conditions, such as a ladder, a runway, an atmosphere, and a starting point.Maybe you can just take us as a ladder.” Jianhua Forging Machinery Manufacturing”is such a ladder, opportunity? Challenge? May be…

                ■ Equal competition, survival of the fittest, making best use of the advantages, and giving full scope to the talents

                Equality, is what most people strive for. With such an environment and the atmosphere, competition will be fair. In the talent growth, that is what people are most looking forward to.

                For this consideration, Jianhua Forging Machinery Manufacturing takes “equal competition, survival of the fittest, making best use of the advantages, and giving full play to the talents”as their talent concept, and the purpose is to follow the normal rules of the talent growtht,so that everyone can complete on a common starting line;at the same time, it is not demanding for talent. To help then grow while giving full play. The talent concept can be realized with such talent view and such growth environment; the good atmosphere for talent can formed in Jianhua Company, and enter a virtuous circle.

                ■ Team and Talent Oriented

                The Company adheres to the enterprise value of making good use of talents, trainingtalents and retaining talents! Create a stage for all employees to show themselves and provide all employees with opportunities for promotion and development to grow together with employees.